Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birth and Knowledge

Art and Soul: City Pages Box Painting

Collage and Painting: The Key is Inside

Drawing: The Graceful Flow of Kabuki

Drawing: A Portrait of Franz

Hands Project: The Glove that Fits

Hands Project: Glamour, Comfort and Blood

Hands Project: Three Different Perspectives

Hands Project: Red-Handed

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Screen Print: The Joker as Duality

A piece created for an assignment from a class I took two year ago. We had to create multiple copies of a playing card design using screen printing. The card had to have a proper front and back, and we had to use at least two different colors of ink. Then, once the assignment was completed, we would turn in our cards and instead of receiving them back after grading, everyone's cards would be traded around and given to others.

I decided to go with the Joker, and use black and red since they go together well and don't require any mixing of new colors of ink. I tried to play with the themes of yin/yang, reflections and duality, and I made a point to incorporate the symbols of the four suits of the cards somehow.

This is the photoshop image I used to make my print, not the actual print itself; since I didn't get any of my own card prints back, so I didn't have any to scan. However, I did get a bunch of cool cards that my classmates had created.

Drawing: Takeshi Obata Replication

Painting: Staring Down with Blood-Red Eyes

Drawings: Study of a Crumpled Bag

Lithographic Print: Flabby Cheeks

Lithographic Print: Her Wings are Her Cage

A print created for an assignment for a class I took about two years ago. We had to use three different colors of ink, and print each of them using separately carved pieces of wood or linoleum. On a note of interest, it was while working on carving the images for this print that I sliced my thumb open with my carving tools. Ink on paper.

Lithographic Prints: The Mountains and the Sea

Two lithographic prints created for a class I took about two years ago. They're the first two litho pieces I ever made, which is why they're a bit simple and rough. Inspired a little by goddesses. Ink on paper.

Drawings: Classmate Portraits, Realistic

Collage: The Adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson

Painting: Pincushions Floating in the Void

Painting: Opening His Eyes, Manga on Canvas

Drawings: Landscapes of Minneapolis

Two landscapes of Minneapolis, one drawn from a photo taken (by my father) at an unknown vantage point, and the other from the top floor of my dorm. Done for a class project. Charcoal on newsprint.

Painting: A Colorful Abstraction

Multimedia: Study of a Daydreamer

Drawings: Nude Studies

Click "Read more" below to see the rest of  the drawings. Warning to anybody who wasn't tipped off by the fact that this post is titled "nude studies": there will be naked people.

Drawings: Study of Hands and Feet

Drawings: Dynamic Portraits

These are drawings from an art class in which we had to make portraits of our classmate that were "dynamic" rather than "realistic", in that they used some techniques of caricature involving emphasizing certain features. What was interesting was that my dynamic portraits look more recognizably like the people I drew than the realistic portraits. Vine charcoal and charkole on newsprint.

Painting: Valleys in an Apple