Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafts: Valentines Day Box

Here's a box I created for my dorm room door this past Valentines Day. Our floor's wonderful Community Advisor organized a little event where the members of our floor could get together, make and decorate these boxes and hang out. There was glitter, heart-shaped stickers, pipe cleaners, paper in red and pink, and so much more - it was a decorating smorgasbord! I haven't made something like this since fourth grade, so it was really great to get craftsy again, and I think it's pretty evident that I had a lot of fun creating it.

Sculpture: Metal Cyborg Arm-Pencil

Yesterday, as my brother was working on cleaning out the extra room on the upper floor of our house that has served as a storage area for a lot of miscellaneae, he pulled out this!

 It's a piece that I created for a sculpture class about two to three years ago. We had to create various assignments using plaster, wood and metal in turns, and the prompt for the metalwork section was to create something that was an extension of our body, both literally and metaphorically. We had to actually be able to wear it for the class critique.

Since I've loved to draw since I was little, and my most oft-used instrument being the common pencil, it really does feel like an extension of my body when I use it. It was also easy enough for me to figure out how to portray that using sculpture - just make a big metal pencil arm!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Statuesque Painted Gentleman

A long while ago I purchased a plain white statuette of a victorian-esque gentleman from a local thrift store with the intent of painting it at some point. After at least a year passed, and after accidentally breaking both legs of the statuette off and then subsequently attached them again (thank Cthulhu for hot glue guns), I finally got around to bringing him to life.

So a few weeks ago I spent a whole day hunkered down in my room with my acrylic paints and assorted other necessary supplies (including coffee) and painted him. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of him as he was when he was completely white and unpainted, but by the time I remembered and took some comparison photos I had already painted his face and head. His face was something I worked long and hard on getting just right, and the transformation of it from blank whiteness to color was quite interesting, I'm sad I didn't capture it. You can at least see some of the effect that a paint job had on him in the comparison shots below.