Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Which Reality is Virtual? - Combination Digital and Screen Print:

A print created for a class assignment, from about two years ago, for which we had to combine a digitally printed image with a screen printing image. In this print, the head, goggles, and monitor are all digitally printed, and the images on the screen of the monitor are screen printed on top of it. The pictures I used for this all came off of google images, and while I photoshopped and rearranged them, I do not claim them to be my own.

Poetry Book Pamphlet Design

I'm planning to post here about some of my slightly older projects and art, that I ought to have talked about earlier but forgot, and I thought I could start it off with a little something that has to do with my mom. She's a talented writer and poet, a passionate, caring and strong person, and a mom that I am constantly proud of and thankful for. I could have asked for no better mother to have been born to.

My brilliant mother, Theresa Alberti.

But enough of me buttering up my mom so she will be less unhappy if I eat rhubarb cake and refried beans for dinner - let's get down to business. And of course, by "business" I mean "plugging my mom's book of poetry and encouraging you to spend your money on it".

This is her website, where you can learn about her and read samples of her poetry. Her book is available here on amazon. My painting is even on the cover!

I'm bringing this up because of something my mother wanted my help with a while ago. She was going to an event where she would have the opportunity to advertise and sell her book. She thought it might be a good idea to make some fliers or pamphlets about it to pass around, so she wrote up the information she would like to have on it and asked me for help with the design, since I have a generally good eye for that sort of thing. So then I went about rearranging and tweaking it into something that I hope looks at least somewhat professional.

Below are the two versions - the original one my mother put together is on  the left, and my own modified version is on the right. I blurred out her phone number for privacy's sake, but everything else is intact.

Go check out her website and poetry, and if you find those interesting, please go take a look at her book too!