Thursday, February 3, 2011

Screen Print: The Joker as Duality

A piece created for an assignment from a class I took two year ago. We had to create multiple copies of a playing card design using screen printing. The card had to have a proper front and back, and we had to use at least two different colors of ink. Then, once the assignment was completed, we would turn in our cards and instead of receiving them back after grading, everyone's cards would be traded around and given to others.

I decided to go with the Joker, and use black and red since they go together well and don't require any mixing of new colors of ink. I tried to play with the themes of yin/yang, reflections and duality, and I made a point to incorporate the symbols of the four suits of the cards somehow.

This is the photoshop image I used to make my print, not the actual print itself; since I didn't get any of my own card prints back, so I didn't have any to scan. However, I did get a bunch of cool cards that my classmates had created.

All images are copyright Genevieve Alberti, please do not redistribute without linking back here and giving credit, and do not distribute commercially without permission.

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