Saturday, February 5, 2011

Art and Soul: City Pages Box Painting


Over the summer I participated in CityPages' "Art and Soul" event, in which artists from all over the Twin Cities could sign up, and if they got in they would be invited to come the Stone Arch Bridge festival and paint some old CityPages newspaper boxes that could use a bit of decoration. We were supposed to make our painting about the Twin Cities somehow, and I did my best with it, in an abstract way.

The snowflakes are pretty obvious I would thing, the border above them is of the Stone Arch Bridge, above that are yellow circles surrounded by green texturing, depicting the heat and lush greenery of the Minnesota summers. The flowers on the front also show a bit of this. Above that is the water representative of the Mississippi river, but it also applies to the many other bodies of water present in Minnesota. The top of it shows how green the Twin Cities are, but also are sort of meant to suggest the many bike paths that run through the cities, though I don't think that came across as clearly.

All images are copyright Genevieve Alberti, please do not redistribute without linking back here and giving credit, and do not distribute commercially without permission.
Except the boxes belong to Citypages. Really, just don't try to make money off these and I think everything will be good.

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