Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birth and Knowledge

 A piece created for a class assignment, for which we had to create an image that tells something about ourselves that isn't really obvious. At the top, the fetus in the sun/womb and the lion and ram give the signs of my birth - astrologically I was born a Leo (a sun sign) and in the year of the Chinese Zodiac I'm a Ram. The words in the background depict my love of knowledge and the written word, as do the two ravens, which are a reference to the Norse god Odin. The person standing at the foreground is supposed to be sort of representative of me, showing my masculine side and also expressing my power over the world of my own mind, which the globe and brain behind me represents. Created entirely in Photoshop.

All images are copyright Genevieve Alberti, please do not redistribute without linking back here and giving credit, and do not distribute commercially without permission.

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