Saturday, April 14, 2012

Commission: Logo for Village Players Community Theatre

Sorry for neglecting this blog for such extended periods of time, but as always I've been incredibly busy working on school and art for my upcoming gallery show, which I plan to blog about soon.

But anyways, that's not what I'm planning on talking about in this post. This post is going to be about a commission I did for the Village Players Community Theatre earlier in the spring. They needed a nice logo to go with their new, revamped website, and I ended up getting notified about it and I decided to try coming up with some ideas. They liked one of the ideas, and within two weeks I'd completed the logo. They said they were very happy with it, I got compensated nicely, and overall it was a very pleasant experience. Below is the finished version of the logo:

And here's a link to their new website, which features it:  Go check it out!