Monday, June 20, 2011

A Statuesque Painted Gentleman

A long while ago I purchased a plain white statuette of a victorian-esque gentleman from a local thrift store with the intent of painting it at some point. After at least a year passed, and after accidentally breaking both legs of the statuette off and then subsequently attached them again (thank Cthulhu for hot glue guns), I finally got around to bringing him to life.

So a few weeks ago I spent a whole day hunkered down in my room with my acrylic paints and assorted other necessary supplies (including coffee) and painted him. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of him as he was when he was completely white and unpainted, but by the time I remembered and took some comparison photos I had already painted his face and head. His face was something I worked long and hard on getting just right, and the transformation of it from blank whiteness to color was quite interesting, I'm sad I didn't capture it. You can at least see some of the effect that a paint job had on him in the comparison shots below.

I must say, I had quite a good time painting this little guy, and it was a fun challenge trying to get the colors right and applied evenly and cleanly, and using tiny little brushes to get into every nook and crevice and to get the details just so. I may have to retouch him every once in a while after this, because some of the paint of his suit has already started to chip off. However, thankfully all of the more complex colors have stayed relatively intact, and it's only the black areas that have been effected - and to repair the black areas, all I really need is a sharpie (which is much easier than having to mix up more another batch of flesh tone or such).

Photos of the figurine in his finished state can be found below - check 'em out!


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