Friday, November 9, 2012

Comic Glitch Pictures

I discovered something interesting as I was going through some of the art I'd put on my dropbox: most of the images looked fine and dandy when previewed on there, but the .PSD photoshop files for each of the pages of the comic I created showed previews that looked all weird and glitchy (don't worry, I checked and once downloaded the files themselves were fine and undamaged). I thought they were actually kinda interesting and pretty in a surreal, so I took & saved some screenshots of them. I might even have to try uploading some more of my layer-heavy digital art photoshop files to dropbox and see what previews they generate. Anyways, check them out below!


  1. Interesting how DropBox is willing to try things with your art you would never consider. You could post or link to the originals so we can see the difference.

    1. If you just scroll down one post on the main page of my blog you can see the original comic pages (at I thought people would scroll down and see them on their own, but it'd probably be best if I include a link to it in this post too.