Monday, November 19, 2012

Poem: Consequence, the Voice from Inside

A poem created as a class assignment in order to communicate the voice of the Wizened Youth, a hallucination born of repressed thoughts and experiences of the main character from the novel By Night, in Chile.

Consequence, the Voice from Inside

Take off your wig.

Though you resent
my intrusions
I'm too wounded, too disillusioned
to be silent.
You can't just circumvent
your problems anymore!
I'm the fusion of those truths,
and buried under your delusions for
such a long time that
I've grown a voice

And you implore
I leave you to your peace?
You're so naïve:
I am a piece of you, and
though you may deceive
the world, cloud your own eyes
with bleached-white fleece:
Not me.

You've made your choices
and now it's time to own up, to
grow up, to sweep aside the gleaming lies and
find what, unvoiced,
cries inside your

I've been the child forced to age,
too long, too young for all this rage, this pain,
truth no longer warps
while rising like a bloated corpse
from a dark pool,
and only we can know
The story; it is simple
And it is cruel
and we could die laughing.
Knowing only how to cry
for all our sins,
with all our heart,
we… no:



And then the storm of shit begins.

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