Thursday, March 24, 2011

Drawing: Flabby Cheeks - Initial Sketch, Reminiscing

I just dug up a photo of the original concept sketch for my lithographic print, Flabby Cheeks, featured below alongside it for comparison. (Sorry it's so blotchy, the graphite got smeared over time and the paper became all wrinkly and caught the light when I took the picture)

I remember drawing it in my papermaking class while the teacher gave a demonstration. I had the image already so perfectly planned in my mind that I didn't need to draw it more than once: it just flowed out and took form. As you can see if you look below, the final print of it looks pretty much identical to the sketch, besides some small changes in detail.

I have an odd sort of fondness for this piece, after all this time, even though it really isn't popular with other people. Maybe because it's a pretty odd and unique idea, or because it all kind of fell into place without much fuss, I just really like it. I hope I have more dreams that lend themselves so easily to artistic portrayal sometime.

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