Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Animation: Pop Culture Supers - The Polysemic Protector vs. Dr. Essentialism

A relatively short, rather silly animated story created to get extra credit in my class about Pop Culture. The prompt was to create superhero characters based on concepts that we'd been learning about in class, and I was inspired by Polysemy, Essentialism and Signification to create this super hero, villain and sidekick. Apparently, it also works pretty well with the Modernism and Postmodernism as well, since the teacher read into it in regards to them and got very excited.

The three characters in the video were created with a lot of help a friend, who I will only name as Batmanrobin (she'll know I'm referring to her). Without her assistance, I never would have really sat down and fleshed them out, and they certainly wouldn't have been nearly as interesting as they turned out to be. She also helped immensely in deciding on how they should look. I think we made a very good team!

In any case, I have some more realistic and detailed sketches of these three that I plan to upload here, and I also want to write up their bios. I definitely would like to work with them again, expand on them and their world. I know there are probably more culture-related concepts out there that could inspire some interesting superheroes and villains!

Also, if you care to know, I created this all primarily while in a rushed, sleep-deprived state. I finished it twenty minutes before class started, rendered it about ten minutes before class, and it finished processing on youtube just as after I entered the classroom itself. I often surprised by just how hard I'll work to throw something together right before a deadline. I know it's not fantastic, but at least the teacher liked it, and I got my credit, and it was good to get animating again.

Images created with Adobe Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

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