Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Survival, Gratitude and Life

Ever since I began to discover my spirituality I've been stumbling across things every once in a while that reflect some aspect of what I believe, or that seem very meaningful to me, or that are just plain touching. I really want to keep track of and share these instances, so I'll be doing that here on my blog. 

Since the tarot has been a large force that has shaped my spiritual development, and because it's something I'm deeply passionate about, I also want to share those things that have reminded me of the tarot, either in their visuals or in their content.

The first of these I shall share is from the manga "Jisatsushou" or "Suicide Island", which is a story about Sei, a young man who attempted suicide, and after signing a mysterious waver in the hospital he wakes up on an island with others like him. They have been left there to live or die as they choose. It deals with a lot of dark topics, not only suicide, but also rape, violence, starvation, etc., and yet it also has such a tone of hope. It really centers around Sei and how he finds the means and reasons to continue living, even in a harsh world. I was very moved by it, and surprised by how hopeful it was despite its dark tones.

First, the picture at the beginning of this post comes after Sei has matured and developed greatly, both in character and skill. That panel of him wearing his cloak, with his newly-acquired dog behind him, his pack and bow in hand, reminds me strongly of The Fool Card visually, which is why I thought I'd share it.

To read a short excerpt from the manga that really resonated with me, click "read more" below. The scene it depicts happens just after Sei has just killed and butchered his first deer, having taken much effort, preparation and practice.

"Excerpt" from Jisatsushou: Suicide Island
(Read from right to left)

This next excerpt is short, so I decided just to share it in this post. It's not from the exact same part of the story as the last one, but I wanted to share it anyways, sine it goes along the same theme.

 Like it? Hate it? Don't understand it? I'm always curious to hear what other people think about these things, so please leave a comment!

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